Newlivelihood – 2016

Providing vocational training for women at risk in Bahirdar (northern Ethiopia). More than 400 women have been trained so far and found jobs or started their own businesses.

  • 4% Funded
  • $406.19 Funded
  • 325 Days to Go
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Greenfield Kids Foundation- 2016

ABOUT US The Greenfield Kids Foundation was registered in September 2009; we are non-profit organization, dedicated to providing support to the needy children and…

  • 2% Funded
  • $103.09 Funded
  • 325 Days to Go

New Hope 2016

The New Hope Project has developed from a series of donations that started with $50 that was sent to us while we were in Ethiopia. The donation was from a nine year old family friend, Anna, who spent…

  • 7% Funded
  • $1,221.50 Funded
  • 325 Days to Go
fixing PC's at Radio Stn.

Cyber Matters – 2016

Personal Story: Don Dirks is a Canadian citizen by birth [1933] but has lived abroad for over 39 years. Fourteen of those years were spent in Gabon as a missionary with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.…

  • 0% Funded
  • $0.00 Funded
  • 326 Days to Go
School begins-web

Sagome Scholarship – 2016

Sagome Story As a privately run, non-profit elementary school, the Sagome Learning Center plays an important role in its community. It is located in Wolkite, a Zonal capital town of 20,000 in the Gurage…

  • 0% Funded
  • $0.00 Funded
  • 326 Days to Go

Chosen Children 2016

Personal Story: Renuka Jeyanayagam made her first volunteer trip to Africa in 2005 and since then returned every year, starting projects in Zambia…

  • 26% Funded
  • $5,100.00 Funded
  • 327 Days to Go
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Background: Welcome to our web page. NUEDI as they say in the Guna Language. We are a non-profit charitable organization working with the indigenous Guna people of Panama. This…

  • 4% Funded
  • $425.00 Funded
  • 327 Days to Go
devX - Isabel,Joell,Nailah,Nicole

Friesen Family Overseas Volunteers 2016

Personal Story: We are volunteers in Senegal, West Africa working in a leadership position with an agro-forestry training center called The…

  • 0% Funded
  • $153.09 Funded
  • 325 Days to Go
Moringa Tree

Forestry For Life

This project started as an agro-forestry project among the Gumuz. The Gumuz were traditional hunters and gatherers with an abundance of harmful…

  • 66% Funded
  • $9,836.50 Funded
  • 326 Days to Go

Watoto Wetu Scholarship

Fadhili is a Swahili word that means compassion or mercy. Fadhili began in the year 2001 as a home based care…

  • 139% Funded
  • $16,700.65 Funded
  • 233 Days to Go
School begins-web

Sagome Scholarship 2015

Sagome Story As a privately run, non-profit elementary school, the Sagome Learning Center plays an important role in its community. It is located in Wolkite, a Zonal capital town…

  • 103% Funded
  • $9,290.00 Funded
  • 0 Hours to Go
Beesheba nursery

The Beer-Sheba Project

Joell Friesen is the lead member in this agro-forestry project in Senegal, West Africa. The goal is to develop and train rural farmers to be be self reliant with innovative farming techniques and develop leadership for the rural communities and churches.

  • 0% Funded
  • $0.00 Funded
  • 325 Days to Go

Hand Up

Victoria Quinn is lead member for this project in Belize that seeks to build playgrounds in local schools.

  • 15% Funded
  • $750.00 Funded

Panafric School Scholarships

Today we have seven children at PIA who need sponsors/scholarships. These children do not have school bags. They should not be without uniforms. This project…

  • 6% Funded
  • $230.00 Funded

Run For Life Global Outreach

Rift Valley Marathon supports a number of Run for Life grass roots projects in rural Kenya

  • 85% Funded
  • $12,784.00 Funded
Visiting the Gumuz

Bob Black- Admin Support

Devxchange is a relatively small organization in terms of funds raised but large in terms of what is being accomplished. One of the reasons for that is our unique structure that cuts down on overhead. Lead…

  • 57% Funded
  • $10,274.00 Funded

Overseas Volunteers – Renuka Jeyanayagam

Renuka Jeyanayagam has been volunteering in Africa since 2005. Her project, Chosen Children, is dedicated to providing opportunities and resources that will transform the lives of children in Mozambique and the communities they live in.

  • 43% Funded
  • $3,522.00 Funded
  • 326 Days to Go

Education and Microfinance Program in Ghana

Sharla Wallace is the lead member of Helping Empower Alternative Rural Development (HEARD).
This project aims to build local capacity for poverty reduction in the rural village of Toh-Kpalime in the Volta Region.

  • 81% Funded
  • $24,275.10 Funded
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Wajju School

Aberra Makonnen is the Project Lead Member for the Wajju School project aimed at rebuilding a school in Ethiopia.

  • 2% Funded
  • $1,507.00 Funded
The Boys receive their custom mouth guards

Grass Roots Youth Development

David O’Leary runs the Grassroots Youth Development program out of Khayelitsha, South Africa. Grassroots Youth is made up of three integrated programs (Boxing, Nutrition, Education) that help disadvantaged youth to realize their full potential.

  • 86% Funded
  • $6,851.50 Funded

Life Scholarship Fund

Tessema Bitew is the lead member of the LIFE scholarship fund. They strive to provide scholarships to deserving students in Ethiopia.

  • 94% Funded
  • $15,965.76 Funded

Panafric International Academy

Mesfin Atlaye is the lead member of the Awassa school project which aims to provide education to those who would not otherwise receive it in Awassa, Ethiopia.

  • 73% Funded
  • $36,522.73 Funded
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Birds of Paradise Ministries

  Heartprints Community Centre Rwanda has changed its name to Bird of Paradise Ministries- Rwanda (BPMR), a local organization based in Rwanda whose primary goal is to provide basic care for…

  • 22% Funded
  • $21,589.00 Funded
  • 283 Days to Go

Pelletier Teenage Mothers Foundation

Solome Nanvule is the Project Leader of Pelletier Teenage Mothers Foundation which is dedicated to creating lives for new mothers.

  • 89% Funded
  • $8,944.76 Funded

CanAfric Community Initiative

Anne and Noah Mugenyi are the lead members of the CanAfric Community Initiative which is dedicated to improving the quality of lives in Uganda.

  • 33% Funded
  • $3,966.19 Funded
  • 326 Days to Go
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Nehemiah Project -Vertical Gardens

The Need: The Gambella Anglican Centre in western Ethiopia needs a security wall. Walls are an unfortunate necessity where we live – due to thieves, of course, but also due to the local practice of burning the surrounding bush before…

  • 74% Funded
  • $59,245.47 Funded
  • 283 Days to Go

Ethiopian Gojambooks

Anteneh Emeru is the lead member of the Gojambooks project which focuses on advancing education in Ethiopia by increasing the number of books in schools and libraries.

  • 1% Funded
  • $120.00 Funded

Kenyan Micro-Loan Project

The Bracey/Stefan family has helped created a micro-finance fund in rural Kenya. The have instigated two major projects with the Kokwet Women’s Groups just outside of Eldoret.

  • 116% Funded
  • $23,288.04 Funded