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4 Reasons Why Devxchange Engages Virtual Volunteers

Since its inception, Devxchange has engaged the talent of skilled volunteers to conceptualize and implement development projects worldwide. In recent years this engagement has consciously evolved to include virtual volunteers. Through engaging the talent of online volunteers, Devxchange is able to:

Effectively allocate resources

Through engaging the experience of remote and virtual volunteers, Devxchange is able to allocate 90% of funds raised toward project development and maintenance. Our volunteers keep our human resource expenses low which enable us to operationalize more international development endeavors.

Access skilled talent

These days we are all busier than ever. With our time being spread between work, school, family and personal commitments, it can be hard to find the time to volunteer on a regular schedule as an on-site volunteer with a local organization. By engaging virtually, our online volunteers are able to give a few hours of time on their own schedule to support projects around the world.

Help the environment

Online volunteers are environmentally friendly. Those who volunteer virtually create no car exhaust, do not require a parking space and do not need the organization to provide them with a desk, chair or office equipment upgrades.

Create an inclusive workspace

Through engaging volunteers online, we are able to connect with talent from all around the world which gives voice to a variety of perspectives. Online volunteering creates a space in which unique voices and people of all abilities are not only invited to the table, but they are encouraged to contribute and shape the direction of our projects.

This article was written by our volunteer coordinator, Kimberley John.

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