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5 ways your donation makes an impact

I peeked out of the window and saw rain drops pelting down. I knew this was not a good sign. From the look of it, I could not expect the rain to stop anytime soon. It was my first volunteering task for an event to drive Nature Conservation. All along my journey to the venue, I could not resist myself from contemplating the impact of this bad weather on the turnout at the event. A bunch of 50 kids had registered to run for this cause.

As I reached and settled in on the registration desk, I arranged my stuff and anxiously waited for the participants. ‘William Parker’ remarked someone, in an old feeble voice, asking me to check my list for his name. This man, as it would turn out later, was the hero of our event. He was running on behalf of his 2 year old grand-daughter who had been recently diagnosed with asthma. Not only did he complete the 5K course running alongside other small kids but also helped in raising substantial funds for the Nature Conservation by educating and inspiring people in his community and neighbourhood to participate and contribute for this cause.

People like ‘William’ are pioneers for change and reinforce the value of “Giving”. He believed that his little contribution might help in making an impact by alleviating somebody’s suffering. Likewise, there are numerous other ways in which donations drive societal changes. Devxchange International is actively involved in driving many such humanitarian initiatives to make this world a better place. Your donations to Devxchange help create an amazing “ripple effect” – empowering communities across the world and providing a lasting legacy of unity, wellness and goodwill.

Here are 5 ways your donations to DevXchange International make a real difference:

1. You help create a better future for children by aiding the construction of safe spaces and places to study.

With the money received through Devxchange, Greenfield Kids Foundation (GKF) has been able to complete the construction of two rooms for the purpose of boarding students; furnished with mattresses and blankets – including books – by members of the neighbouring Rubanda parliament. This simple change has allowed students to stay on school grounds to focus on their education. The resulting impact has been astounding; GKF students were among the few who performed well in the Rubanda District testing. But perhaps the greatest accomplishment was that the efforts of GKF have found traction in the community, with number of students rising from 95 to 165 in two years – today, these numbers are still increasing!

2. You help empower girls to lead a healthy and confident life.

Often, families in rural western Kenya can’t afford feminine sanitary products; so many girls have to miss school during their menses. What does this cause? Increased vulnerability to early sexual exploitation, pregnancy and marriage; risk of HIV; lower wage earning in the future; gender inequality; and adult poverty. Devxchange supports the KEDHAP Foundation – whose involvement has reduced significantly or stopped completely absenteeism of girls at school, allowing them to determine their futures.

3. You help improve environment and encourage people to learn to protect their land and build sustainable communities.

Devxchange supports “Forestry For Life” – a nonprofit organization operating an agro-forestry project among the Gumuz ethnic group in Ethiopia. Since energy for domestic use in rural areas has been derived mostly from firewood and charcoal in the region, this has led to a serious depletion of forests and soil erosion. Over a period of eight years this project has succeeded in planting 2,000,000 trees including thousands of fruit trees, training model farmers to improve their agricultural practices, and bring about significant environmental change.

4. You give someone new hope and a reason to live – literally!

JTCE or Centro de Transformacion Jesus Tiene Compasion de Ellos Inc. is a rehabilitation centre operating in the Dominican Republic. JTCE is a faith-based project providing support and rehabilitation services to adults with addiction to heroin, cocaine, crack, marijuana, alcohol, ecstasy, gambling and behavioral problems. Together, JTCE and Devxchange have been able to drive success in this area by helping in the installation of a new basketball court for recreational use and also providing opportunities for vocational training in areas like – pig farming and baking.

5. You help stop kids from going hungry. 

Mohammed is 12 years old and a grade 4 student. He lives with his mother and elder brother in a very small, one room house. Both Mohammed and his mother have health problems – Mohammed has an issue with his heart and his mother is bedridden. Before he joined the iNschool feeding program he was struggling to find food. In order to buy food, he earned money by selling plastic bags every day after school. Thanks to iNschool project, Mohammed does not have to work to feed himself and his educational performance has since improved. Currently Mohamed is one of the top five students in his class!


We thank you so much for your support and contributions.

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This article was written by our volunteer, Gurpreet Kaur.

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