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Abebe, a model farmer for Forestry for Life

Forestry for Life Project has more than fifteen model farmers at our Tere and Jaber site. Abebe is one of the model farmers of the project from the Tere site. After joining the Forestry for Life project, as most model farmers do, he has planted hundreds of fruit and other kinds of trees in his farming site. Prior to the project, Abebe was limited in what he could plant and only was planting teff and sorghum. After he received training at our Tere seedling site, he is now able to plant Mango, Orange, Bamboo, Moringa and Avocado trees. For the future, Abebe is planning to start his own nursery site and plant thousands of trees. This is a great example of how our projects can help empower one person to help many others. Thank you Abebe for your hard work with us!

Author: Mariah Omer

Mariah Omer

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