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Lead Member Services

Charitable Status– Charitable status is important for any project as it not only enables tax receipts to individual donors but opens up the whole world of donations from Churches, Foundations, and community groups like Rotary Clubs. These groups cannot give directly to a project unless it is through a qualified donee (another registered charity). CRA deems that churches, foundations and community groups that give directly to a project that is not managed directly by them are considered as “Conduits” and could lose their charitable status. By having charitable status under Devxchange the lead member has access to significant funding through these major donor organizations as Devxchange is a “qualified donee” according to CRA regulations.

Tax Receipts– Donors receive tax receipts for all donations to the lead member’s project.

Monthly Financial Reports– Monthly reports are provided with donors and their addresses. A fund balance report is also provided showing the existing fund balance in the account.

Overseas Transfers– Facilitate overseas wire transfers for the projects. This in itself can save a lead member significantly. Some lead members report that prior to joining Devxchange it was costing them 11% to send funds through Western Union or other transfer means so that having Devxchange handle the transfers saves them money even with the 7% admin fee. Devxchange buys funds on the Foreign Exchange markets using Canadian dollars and transfers the funds in local currency thus saving up to 5 % in currency conversions. Just in transfers alone Devxchange can save a lead member 11 to 16% in getting money to the project so the 7% admin fee is an absolute bargain.

Fundraiser Photo IIJoint Fundraisers– Devxchange helps to facilitate one or two joint fundraisers every year where lead members can participate by having a project booth, inviting potential donors, and sharing the costs of a fundraiser among multiple lead members.

Foundation Database– Access to a Foundation database that can be searched to find foundations specifically whose area of interest relates to the lead member’s project.

Accountability– Devxchange provides accountability to the donors by following up project reports and transfers and keeping accurate financial records. This gives donors peace of mind and accurate reporting on their donations. Evaluations are scheduled and completed for each project as well that provides feedback and identifies areas where the project can be strengthened.

Preauthorized Donations– Devxchange can set up monthly pre-authorized donations directly from a donors bank account. This is very useful for monthly sponsorships or long term volunteers raising funds for overseas assignments.

Project Support– Project support and advice are available through the Project Committee. When a proposal is received it is given to the project committee for their input to point out areas of weakness, lack of sound development principles and areas where the project can be strengthened.

Lead Member Manual– A lead member manual has been developed that guides a lead member through all the policies and procedures of Devxchange ensuring smooth implementation of their project with timely funding and reporting.

Coaching– The Executive Director provides regular communication and coaching on projects, helping to troubleshoot issues and provide advice as necessary. Prompt reply is given to questions related to donors, financial reports, or project issues.

CamBs-3Group Trips– Devxchange provides guidelines and tips for organizing group trips and occasionally may organize a group trip for a selected project. Devxchange will also provide tax receipts for participants provided they are involved in the project objectives.

Members Site– Resources available on the members site with everything from Development Principles to Fundraising resources and even how to make compelling videos.

Online Web Page and Online Donations– Devxchange sets up a project page for the lead member that can be used for crowd funding, social media promotion and facilitates online donations including recurring monthly donations.

Website Integration– Devxchange will provide website integration if the lead member already has their own website for their project. Where possible- Devxchange will provide donation integration directly from their website as well as a two way link between the Devxchange site and theirs. Example Neema Child in Uganda.

Social Media– Devxchange boosts the profile of the lead members project by giving it additional exposure through newsletters, blogs, posts etc .