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Newsletter – ADORE Little Children Botswana – Summer 2017 Edition

Love and Encouragement in Ngarange, Botswana!

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Janet has just returned from serving at Adore Little Children Botswana (ALCB).

This mission is located in Ngarange, a tribal village where the way of life and language reflects the Bushman heritage. Everyday life is difficult – food is scarce, HIV / Aids affects many, etc and yet we see the great impact that Adore Little Children is having in coming alongside and supporting children and whole families physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Adore Little Children is making such a difference in showing these dear people they are loved!!

W hile in Ngarange, Janet had many opportunities to speak to groups of people of all ages to encourage them. Someone from the mission would translate into Setswana. Janet visited a primary school where she shared stories and taught simple songs and handed out letters and bracelets made by children of Grace Church, Toronto.

Through Grace Church, two projectors were donated to Adore Little Children. This has allowed hundreds of villagers to enjoy uplifting movies being projected on the white wall of the mission’s building and on one occasion, the reed fence of one woman’s home!

P hotos of people in the village were also projected, which they loved! Movie nights have opened up a whole new ministry in Ngarange!! Now there’s Friday Night Children’s Church and Saturday Night Youth Church, both with singing, movies and a message.

Adore Little Children (ALCB) is working toward equipping and encouraging youth to give them hope and skills for their future. Several local youth are now serving at the mission.

It’s so exciting to see Adore Little Children equipping local people in new ways!

Paula and Maggie, founders and leaders of ALCB, are also now reaching out to another remote village about an hour away from Ngarange, called Mokgacha. The local staff have been trained and supplies provided. Soon, they will also have specialized training in growing vegetables in the difficult sandy soil in their village. The vegetable garden at the mission in Ngarange is thriving due to the training they received. ALCB provides a variety of workshops for their staff, volunteers and villagers.

New properties for ALCB have been granted! A large parcel of land promised by the previous chief and the village has officially been handed over to them. The vision and plan for this parcel is to include a church, recreation centre, college for youth and foster care homes. ALCB has also purchased a smaller parcel of land next door to be used for a self-sustainable brick making project employing local young adults. This will provide an ongoing income to Ngarange as bricks are sold on the open market. It was also amazing to see the ALCB sewing facility up and running with local women learning to sew school uniforms to sell.

We are so thankful to God for the ways we have been able to work with the people of Ngarange through Adore Little Children Botswana and we are excited for their future plans!!

As the ministry is expanding, so are the needs for prayer and financial support!

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If you would like to read more about this project or donate to the program you can visit their page here.

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