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By Overseas Volunteer

Overseas Volunteers – Renuka Jeyanayagam 2017

Renuka Jeyanayagam has been volunteering in Africa since 2005. Her project, Chosen Children, is dedicated to providing opportunities and resources that will transform the lives of children in Mozambique and the communities they live in.

RAISED $200 GOAL $7,000

East Africa Rep

Mariah is the East Africa Representative with Devxchange and plays a vital role in liaising with local implementing partners, lead members and assisting travelers.

RAISED $7,160 GOAL $9,600

Cyber Matters – 2016

It was in early 2008 that I wrote my first letter regarding my new project (Cyber Matters) to help countries in West Africa. That same year I went to Burkina Faso in mid year and since then I have made nine trips in seven years. Now a new trip is looming on the horizon so I want to share some details with you. This will be my 10th trip.

RAISED $1,009.28 GOAL $5,000

Friesen Family Overseas Volunteers

We are volunteers in Senegal, West Africa working in a leadership position with an agro-forestry training center called The Beer-Sheba Project.

We moved out to Mbour, near Beer-Sheba, in the fall of 2010 and have been here since.

Bob Black- Admin Support

Lead members volunteer their time to manage and implement projects and we use local partners, churches, and indigenous NGO’s in the countries we work.

I also raise support from interested friends and networks to further cut down on administrative costs.

Please consider contributing to my support to reduce administration costs and enable our overhead and administration costs to remain low.

RAISED $15,954.53 GOAL $18,000