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Adore Little Children Botswana


We are a mission outreach to the isolated and impoverished people of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Africa.  In the village Ngarange, many children and women suffer from neglect, abuse and extreme hunger.  Living conditions are difficult with very limited health care and  food is scarce.  Large families live together in mud huts with dirt floors, no electricity or running water.  Botswana has the 3rdhighest rate of HIV / Aids in the world and this area of the country has the greatest need for assistance.  ADORE’s mission is to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of this isolated minority group of people, with a special focus on helping children.  Listed below are some of the ways ADORE is making a difference!

Ways the Children’s Needs are Being Met

  • providing porridge for breakfast and lunch each day ( this may be their only meal that day )
  • providing special substantial meals once a week and on special occasions
  • providing shoes and clothing
  • leading the children in singing and physical activities
  • Teaching English and Setswana in preparation for formal schooling
  • teaching social skills ( manners, moral building, etc. )
  • providing much needed nurturing in the form of love, hugs, prayers and tender care


Ways the Community’s Needs are Being Met

  • visiting and assessing the needs of families in the village
  • providing care for the disabled, sick and elderly
  • teaching and supporting self-sustainable skills such as brick making, sewing, basketry and gardening
  • providing empowerment workshops for all ages


Ways ADORE Wants to Expand

  • provide a substantial meal each day in addition to the porridge
  • establish a sewing facility to employ members of the community to make and sell school uniforms
  • provide the same programs and assistance in nearby villages ( already underway in the neighbouring village Mokgacha )
  • building further housing for women and children at risk, a chapel, more classrooms, vocational college for youth, etc.


Ways You Can Help ADORE Little Children Botswana

  • giving monthly or one time donations to assist in supporting all of the community needs
  • praying for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the community
  • sharing with others about the ADORE mission


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For any questions, we’d love to hear from you.
Please email Deb Fernandes and Janet Lou-Hing at
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Deb Fernandes

Janet Lou-Hing

Our names are Deb Fernandes and Janet Lou-Hing and we are the Lead Members for the Canadian fund raising arm of ADORE Little Children Botswana.  We have been involved in children’s ministries for many years and always had a desire to serve children in need in other parts of the world.  ADORE Little Children Botswana, founded by Paula Ovenden and Maggie Setlhare was the perfect fit for us.  After helping at ADORE’s mission in the village Ngarange in October of 2016, we knew that a Canadian funding partner would make such a big difference to the isolated people of this area.  ADORE’s focus on sustainable projects, their impact on the whole community and their respectful, loving approach was so appealing to us.  We are thrilled to be able to serve with ADORE in showing God’s love to the children, youth, volunteer staff and all in the villages where ADORE is serving.


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  1. Beauty Mosheti 2 years ago May 6, 2017

    you are doing good. may God bless you more ,so that you may be a blessing to Ngarange community.