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Bethel House India 2019


Bethel House India


The Background

Bethel House India was a project started in 2008 to address the needs of destitute pregnant women in India and their unborn children. It also seeks to prevent female infanticide. At that time there was very little being done about the killing of baby girls in and out of the womb.  

Doug and the regional director in S. India, Mr. Godfrey Rajkumar.

According to the latest Indian census (2011), there were four million recorded abortions that year, probably far less than actual.

Doug Roth and his wife Anna, and three children, ages 12, 17 and 18, lived in India 2007-2009 seeking to address these needs. Four of them went back in 2011 for 6 months to learn what God would have them do. Only then did they discover another work that was labouring in the same area of need.

Since then, Doug has returned annually to oversee the work.

The Project

Bethel House India supports very needy children who live in a loving foster home in South India.

In 2014 we took another step to address these crying needs. A social worker was hired to be our project manager. She lives and works in Tamil Nadu, South India, presenting the message of the sanctity of life, foetal development, abortion procedures with the side effects, and forgiveness and healing. She has spoken to thousands of people – 100-Days workers (poorly paid manual labourers who work for a period of 100 days before getting paid), students, pastors, nursing students and gypsies – with this message. Many women have chosen life over abortion as a result. 

project manager Anbu, and her husband Selvakumar in S. India, standing in front of the Life/Resource Center for helping women with unplanned pregnancies.

In 2015 Doug contacted many others in India, those who had a similar desire to affirm life, inviting them to a “Gathering” of people affirming life. This was held in Delhi and was attended by seventeen people in all, a far cry from just two in 2008. Very encouraging.

Since then Doug has hired a Regional Director with the goal of expanding the work throughout India and establishing an Indian work team and support base.

Strategic doors are opening to expand the work with Resource Centres throughout India.

Our Needs

In 2018, we are seeking to add two additional staff. We would like to multiply the number of Awareness Seminars to 180 and add four professional conferences.

It is also our aim in 2018 to reach and support 15 additional women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

Doug presented Anbu with a set of fetal models for use as a visual aid in teaching on life in the womb

We would like to provide a manual and training for staff for new Resource Centres.

In order to strengthen the financial base of the work, we have a two-pronged goal. In India, the Regional Director would seek to inspire various groups with the tremendous need and opportunity to invest in such centres.


He would also like to come to Canada in 2018 to present the project and stir donors with the opportunities.

Anbu teaching 100-Days workers. They learn about life in the womb and types and effects of abortion. These women have a job working for 100 days at $3/day before they get paid.

In addition, we would like to have a videographer collect the stories and testimonies of Indian women who have been assisted.

Our 2018 budget is $70,000.00. This includes the project work in India and the Canadian expenses related to fund-raising here and sending the lead member and his wife to visit the field annually to encourage, strengthen, expand, and establish the work.

 Story of Lekisha*

Lekisha was expecting her third child. It was August 2018. She was not happy to be pregnant again, and thus decided to abort the baby. On entering the health facility, she noticed that there was a seminar taking place and decided to sit in. 

Our project manager, Anbu, was giving one of her regular life talks’ about the development of a child in the womb. During the talk, Anbu noticed Lekisha and saw that she was unengaged in the program.  

At the end of the talk, Anbu made a point of engaging her in conversation. She finished the chat by inviting her to come to our pregnancy center (SONRise Life Center) for a more in-depth discussion. Anbu showed Lekisha the prenatal charts and fetal models and addressed her concerns. By the end of the visit, Lekisha had changed her attitude toward the pregnancy. Before making a final decision, she had to talk things over with her husband. Anbu invited Lekisha to bring her husband for the next visit.  

By the end of their visit, they agreed to continue the pregnancy, and the baby was born! 

In February 2019, we were thrilled to meet their 7-day-old son.  

It is gratifying to see how lives are being changed through the project. We are seeing that the combination of a competent social worker, who is working out of a pregnancy center, presenting life-affirming awareness seminars and using literature and fetal models, is producing great results, as seen in the life of this family.  

This is a dramatic change in the life of this family. This further motivates us to help establish many more pregnancy centers throughout India. 

*Name has been changed. 

About the Project Lead Members

Doug and Anna Roth live in Orillia. Doug spends much of his time networking with the Indian Regional Director, and other contacts in the West who are professionals and who share their expertise in the sanctity of life arena. Two of Doug and Anna’s adult children, Victoria and Daniel, assist as administrators and technical support. Victoria spent a year and a half in India in 2016-2017 to work in the foster home where the children, Bethel House India supports, live. She also assisted BHI administratively.