Birds of Paradise Ministries

Birds of Paradise Ministries

Sep 2019
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Kigali, Rwanda

A local organization based in Rwanda whose primary goal is to provide basic care for the homeless elderly who do not have family members to provide for them.

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Opening the 1st centre in 2011

Opening the 1st centre in 2011

Heartprints Community Centre Rwanda has changed its name to Bird of Paradise Ministries- Rwanda (BPMR), a local organization based in Rwanda whose primary goal is to provide basic care for the homeless elderly who do not have family members to provide for them.
The project lead members for this organization are Jerome and Mary Munyangaju who reside in Northern Ireland and Charles and Hyasinter Deogratias who reside in Canada.

Click here to view the Powerpoint Présentation of this campaign.




Personal Story:
These lead members share not only the same vision but they also share the same country that was torn apart by the genocide in 1994 which took too many lives and left others in the situation of abject poverty; especially, the elderly who became homeless.

In their many visits to Rwanda these project lead members have been struck by how elderly people having lost their loved ones who traditionally would have cared for them at their old age are left alone striving for survival. Keep in mind that there is no Social Security Benefits to fall back on, and in some cases they are left in the caring hands of youngsters. This situation cannot be acceptable and therefore, Bird of Paradise Ministries Rwanda (BPMR) was founded in order to provide residential accommodation for the elderly who have nowhere else to live.


Concept for the new Centre

Concept for the new Centre

The Plan:
Bird of Paradise Ministries Rwanda (BPMR) is in its third year operating in a temporary dwelling, but
with a view to build a permanent place with a scope for more people to be housed and more adequate facilities. The ministry sees a great need for expertise in the various areas such as education, health, administration and much more.

In their desire to provide the basic needs of shelter and care to the elderly of Rwanda and to assist Rwandese communities to enhance their abilities to meet these needs; Jerome, Mary, Charles and Hyasinter have found land on the real estate market in a suitable location that can be purchased with a purpose to develop “Bird of Paradise Ministries Centre”. This centre will be a residential home for the vulnerable and disadvantaged older people in Rwanda; it will provide them with the basic necessities such as food, clothing, clean water, health care, personal care (hygiene) to those who need personalized care, social interaction and spiritual needs.

The Centre also will be a welcoming place for the international specialists and expert volunteers in different fields in order to match their skills with community needs. Examples of these skills include doctors, nurses, counsellors, clinical psychologists, dentists, eyes doctors (ophthalmologists), teachers, spiritual leaders and technicians in various fields.

IMG_333The Bird of Paradise Ministries Centre-Rwanda will consist of residences for the elderly, lodging for volunteers (including caregivers and teachers), kitchen and dining room, health care clinic, pharmacy, resource centre and training centre. The centre will have a parcel of land for growing vegetables and banana plantation for raising food items. Bigger plot for farming will be purchased to ensure food sufficiency.
In order to achieve this project, Jerome, Mary, Charles and Hyasinter invite you to partner with them in the campaign of raising funds to build
 “Bird of Paradise Ministries Centre“- in Rwanda.

The need for a bigger facility is very crucial at the moment as we have many older people on waiting list who are still on street and in the villages struggling with day today living without any helping hand.

This is why Bird of Paradise Ministries Rwanda(BPMR) invites you to partner with us; Jerome & Mary (UK), Charles & Hyasinter (Canada) in this project of purchasing a land and build a residential home for older people who are in desperate need of this care service.



View our PowerPoint Presentation by clicking here.

Campaign Updates:

Thanks to generous supporters, we have been able to grow food on the property to provide proper nutrition to our senior tenants. They also store beans and such for times of drought so that they always have a nutritious food source available even when times are tough.

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