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Women's Group

Women’s Group

Personal Story
I was born in Ssenyomo villagemy in Luweero district and on my return in 2005 after a number of years of being away, I could not believe what my eyes saw, a village that used to have plenty of food and fruits through out the year had turned into a hopeless and helpless community due to lack of food and all the trees had been wiped out for charcoal – deforestation, leading to drought and less rain during the rainy season.

The majority left in the village were widows and grandmothers whose husbands had died in the HIV/AIDS epidemic or had been killed during the 1981 Luweero triangle war. The sound of the crying orphans hit me so badly. I felt heart-broken and helpless as I had seen with my eyes the grandmothers left to care for the young ones yet had nothing to feed them.

I had no immediate answers to the urgent needs but I was hopeful to improve this situation. Through community partnership and village elders mobilization, we all agreed to work as a team and walk alongside each other in the journey for change and transformation. This partnership became CanAfric Community Initiative (CACI).


CACI's NGO CertThe Plan

By working with community partnerships the following needs will be addressed in 6 different communities.

 • Food Security
• Water and sanitation
• Vocational training/ Life skills
Every project is designed to respond to the needs and priorities as identified by the community.Discussions and workshops are held to gather information and to bring to light villagers’ strengths, assets, experience and expertise.All community members are expected to conduct all agricultural farming and projects on their farm-land; the responsibility rests in their hands although CACI operations team keeps track and offers ongoing support.

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