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Chosen Children

Personal Story:
Renuka Jeyanayagam made her first volunteer trip to Africa in 2005 and since then returned every year, starting projects in Zambia and Mozambique. Renuka has a passion to see the children of Africa have opportunities to attend school and receive an education, which would completely change their lives. Her hope is to help families break the cycle of poverty by providing them with the resources and opportunities to be self reliant.
 income generating projects.
The Need:
Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the world ranks 174 out of 179 countries in the 2011 Human development index. This is very evident in the community of Cafumpe, where life is a struggle. The HIV/Aids pandemic has left thousands of children orphaned. Challenges facing orphaned and vulnerable children include limited access to basic needs such as food, education and medical aid. Many of them, at very young ages, hold the heavy responsibility of heading their households for the survival and wellbeing of other siblings.
The Plan:
Chosen Children working with a nationally registered ministry Project Mozambique, supports various churches, community organizations and ministries in the Manica and Sofala provinces of Mozambique.  Chosen Children, working through these organizations help them assist widows and orphans in their congregation or community, by providing basic necessities and opportunities and resources for these individuals to generate income.  The help equip the churches with Christian literature; provide training in children’s programs, health education for the community and educational material for public schools in the teaching of morals.




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