Ethiopian Emergency Response Fund (EERF) for COVID-19 – LIFE Scholarship

Ethiopian Emergency Response Fund (EERF) for COVID-19 – LIFE Scholarship

Apr 2020
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This fundraiser is the emergency response from our LIFE Scholarship project. We all know COVID-19 has impacted us all in one way or the other. There is no an end in sight for the current lockdown.

$1,800.00 donated
9 Donors

COVID-19 is unprecedented global challenge in the history of mankind and has knocked doors of almost all countries in the world. This virus has already a foothold in Ethiopia. It is unforgiving and has the ability to overwhelm even the strongest of the economy and the health system in the world.

The Ethiopian health workplace and workforces are not ready for such challenge. We believe, the pandemic will sweep through our communities, business and health system taking lives and livelihood with it.

The practical data from many countries shows COVID-19 transmission is controllable at very high cost, but the objective condition of Ethiopia is far from this capability for the following reasons:

  1. The public health and health system capabilities including hospitals are not in place to treat sick ones, identify, isolate test, trace contacts and quarantine them.
  2. The outbreak risks are very high as large families and neighbors live together and there is no accommodation to keep them apart.
  3. The workplace preventative measures difficult to establish as social distancing, handwashing facilities are not readily available.
  4. More than 20% of the youth is unemployed whose livelihood depend on the hand to mouth random daily labor.
  5. There is no safety nets from the government to support the population similar to what we know in developed nations. As a result, COVID-19 coupled with malnutrition would have a devastating impact on the lives of the people.

It is hard to imagine the consequences ones this virus goes out of control in Ethiopia. The impact would be a double sword, economic devastation that worsens malnutrition and the health crisis that can be deadly.

Our communication with community members and doctors in Ethiopia revealed that the front line workers (health workers) are at the highest risk of contracting the virus. Though the needs are tremendous, our short-term plan is to address the needs of the front line workers by providing the following items that can be bought in local and in international markets.

  1. Surgical Mask & N95 Mask
  2. Infrared thermometer
  3. Medical Gown
  4. Gloves
  5. Goggle/Eye Gear
  6. intravenous Fluids
  7. Sanitizer
  8. Patient Mechanical ventilator

Dear Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia:

We all know COVID-19 has impacted us all in one way or the other. There is no an end in sight for the current lockdown. We need your financial support. All your contributions are eligible for tax credit.

As the saying goes, “if you want to walk fast, walk alone, but if you want to walk far, walk together”. Together we can get through this difficult time and save lives.

If you need more information please contact,
Tseganesh Mehari, Wosen Beyene, Tessema Bitew

3 thoughts on “Ethiopian Emergency Response Fund (EERF) for COVID-19 – LIFE Scholarship

  1. Tessema Bitew

    Giving the gift for needy.

  2. Genet Mekonnen

    To support Ethiopia on COVID 19 pandemic

  3. Jong Lim

    Sharing ours with others in need is an essential part of our life. COVID19 can bring an opportunity to unite us to pray together.

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