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Eriro Foundation


About Eriro Foundation

Eriro Foundation is an indigenous national Non- Government Organization (NGO) registered in Uganda.

It was founded to respond to the challenges facing the fishing community in Uganda especially as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We focus on the most vulnerable, the orphans, and this forms the core of all our programs design and activities.

With a mission “To empower people in fishing communities through supporting people-centered health, social and economic activities for sustainable livelihoods,” we carry out activities in the program areas as outlined below.

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support
  • Education support to orphans and other vulnerable children
  • Livelihood support, enhancement and sustainability
  • Water and Sanitation improvement


The project

HIV/AIDS and its effects still haunts and causes suffering for people in many parts of Uganda. The most vulnerable are the children.

According to USIAD, during the 30 years of the global HIV epidemic, an estimated 17 million children lost one or both parents due to AIDS. Ninety percent of these children live in sub-Saharan Africa.

In fishing communities in Uganda where we work the situation is a perfect example of this deplorable situation. Fishing areas are characterised by risky activity which result in high HIV/AIDS and other STIs prevalence rates among sex workers and fishermen.

Unfortunately fishing communities are remote and health facilities are distant with the nearest health facility ranges from 7-35 km resulting in low health service seeking behaviors.

By continuing the fight against HIV/AIDS we shall be contributing to reserving to the terrible suffering for those who get sick as well as children who end up as orphans.

The purpose of project is to reduce new HIV infections through raising awareness on HIV/AIDS, promoting preventive mechanisms like condom use, encourage testing and promote behavior change. We shall also promote health service seeking behaviors for example periodic testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

The project will create a knowledge base in the community by training and facilitating “Community Resource Persons” that will be supported by a well organized referral system to other service agencies that provide treatment and ongoing care for people who test positive for HIV and TB among other services. The project also will design alternatives with women involved in commercial sex as well as find ways fishermen can engage meaningfully when they are away from the fishing activity.

Our target audience with be

-in school and out of school youth

– Sex workers


My name is Kyambadde Samuel and I’m a Teacher-cum- Counsellor.

My experience from working as a classroom teacher to serving as a community worker has been challenging but at the same time rewarding and fulfilling.  

As a youthful teacher I witnessed the increasing number of people in my village who were dying as a result of HIV/AIDS. My peers were dying. My relatives were dying. Adults in my village were dying…it was very painful and disturbing too! I was prompted to react.

Armed with my voice and the little information that I had about the disease I utilized the time of after school hours meet individuals and groups to share what I knew about HIV/AIDS.

One day during the course of this voluntary calling I visited Kirongo, a landing site in Buvuma Islands on Lake Victoria. The site was busy with the expected business but what shocked me was the scores of children who were supposedly have been in school but were instead loitering around the landing site. On asking I was informed that the majority were orphans whose parents had died of HIV/AIDS and hence the limited guidance for them.

Kirongo like my home village Bukanaga and many other fishing communities in Uganda have been so badly hit by the HIV/AIDS scourge compared to other communities hence the escalating number of orphans and other vulnerable children; a worrying trend!

The need to provide for these orphans gave birth to ERIRO FOUNDATION.  

I’m very thankful to my family and our friends for the support and encouragement they have rendered over the time.

The need to address the orphan crisis is still enormous and I therefore call upon you to connect with us to create sustainable means by “Empowering through Care.”

May God bless all of you.


Samuel Kyambadde

Founder- Eriro Foundation.