Help Feed and Shelter 90 Children Through Covid-19

Help Feed and Shelter 90 Children Through Covid-19

Apr 2020
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Save 90 children from untold suffering during COVID-19

31.52% Raised
$9,457.00 donated of $30,000.00 goal
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In Harar Ethiopia, Tesfa Alebachew cares for 90 children who are orphaned, abandoned or do not have anyone who is able to care for them. Tesfa, as a volunteer, provides food, shelter, care, love, protection and a family to these vulnerable children. He has developed a local model of support having mobilized volunteers, local businesses and indivduals to provide food (from hotels and restaurants), services for free (hair cuts), rent for the shelter and clothing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the closure of the hotels, restaurants and businesses in Harar and individuals have also been impacted economically because of the virus. The pandemic created significant and fast changes to Tesfa’s supporters and the country.

Tesfa needs your support now. The children need your support now to protect, feed, shelter and care for them until the economy recovers from the pandemic enough for the local model of support to start again.

Food, rent and sanitation supplies cost $5000 a month. The shelter has no staff so your donation will go a long way in making a difference.

Donations given before May 31st will be matched (up to a total maximum of $30,000) by a generous donor.

Respond today. Save 90 children from untold suffering during COVID-19 and send a message to Tesfa, a volunteer, that you value what he is doing and to the children that they are loved.

42 thoughts on “Help Feed and Shelter 90 Children Through Covid-19

  1. Bonnie Hartley

    This is for the Covid situation.

  2. Ashlee and Nicholas Hall

    During such a trying period for humanity all around the globe, We feel truly fortunate to be able to reach out and help others at such a scary and isolated time. We are happy to support the campaign, especially while all funds are being matched! Our donation to support 3 children for 1 month will now help 6!!! COVID-19 can’t stop us from caring, helping or making a difference! Please consider adding a donation to your budget this month and help change someone’s life for the better xoxoxo

  3. Arlene Wells


  4. Deb & Duane Griffith

    Despite the state our world is in Today we are so proud to live in Canada. We are fortunate to be able to help 3 children for the next month with this donation. We would like to encourage people to donate to this great cause. Deb & Duane

  5. Anonymous

    Good luck raising money!

  6. Shelley Green

    Thank you so much Ash and Nic! I so value your support as volunteers and donors.

  7. Shelley Green

    Thank you so much Bonnie for your donation! We so appreciate your choice to respond to this urgent need!

  8. Shelley Green

    Thank you Deb and Duane for your donation! Your choice to give and to volunteer are making a difference in Ethiopia! Thank you!

  9. Shelley Green

    Thank you so much for your donation! Your choice to give is making it possible to respond to this emergency need!

  10. Shelley Green

    I have made several visits to Tesfa’s shelter and had time with these beautiful children. Here in Canada, even in tough times, we have the support of our government to get us through. In Ethiopia, it is a different situation and the children and Tesfa do not have anywhere to turn in this extremely challenging time. I feel so privileged to be able to help these children and know that my donation is going to relieve incredible suffering. Thank you to Tesfa for ALL he does for the children. He is an extraordinary individual with a huge heart and an incredibly generous spirit. Thank you to everyone who has chosen to give to this campaign and to everyone who has shared the need of these children with their family and friends.

  11. Julia Holmes

    Praying for Tesfa and the children in his care.

  12. Wayne Currie

    Thank you for helping us help others

  13. Kim Leuverink

    I hope this donation helps the children receive the food and supplies that they need.

  14. Sheila Menezes

    I admire Tefsa’s resilience and strength to rise above his own circumstances and do so much to help other children.

  15. Carolyn Usher

    To help Tesfa to keep doing his wonderful work!

  16. Kathy Vens

    I hope this donation helps the children in the orphanage with food and shelter. God bless Tesfa and the work he is doing.

  17. Robyn Owen

    Praying for this situation!

  18. Shelley Green

    Thank you so much Julia for your donation and prayers! Ethiopia and all the people there need our prayers. The impact of COVID-19 has already had a huge effect and the numbers of those with the virus are low. Donations and prayer is how we can help. Thank you!

  19. Shelley Green

    Thank you Robyn! Donations and prayers are what we can do to help and I know the children at the shelter are so very, very thankful for our donor’s support.

  20. Shelley Green

    Thank you Carolyn for your support and your thoughts!

  21. Lisa Miettinen

    I know that we are making a huge difference. I was able to visit the shelter last fall and will never forget it. My first donation will help feed and house 20 children for 10 days — plus, it’s being matched — so that’s 40 children!

  22. Liz Wismer-Van Meer

    Thank you Tesfa for your work and dedication to caring for the children. Your selfless efforts and hard work are inspiring. Thank you for your care and compassion, especially during these difficult times.

  23. Valerie Easton

    Thinking of what Tesfa is doing for his 90 children brings me JOY! We are blessed with family, shelter and good food. We are also blessed with the means to help Tesfa. Thank you for all you do, MWAHFE.

  24. Skip & Beth Phoenix

    These shelter-children deserve the same chances that Canadian children enjoy. Thanks to Tesfa, they have had a “fighting chance”. Because of the corona virus, their new normal is in danger of becoming a crisis. Hopefully, this helps.

  25. Sharon Howlett

    COVID – 19 CAN’T

  26. Heather McKinnon

    I do not want this pandemic to hinder the crucial work and support that Tesfa offers to so many children in need. Now is a time to help our fellow humans in any way we can. We are all in this together and I feel fortunate to be able to help. Thank you to the donor who will be matching the donations! Covid can’t!

  27. Peter & Jan Plumstead

    We are so blessed living here in Canada. It is our pleasure to be able to help others, near and far, during this pandemic.

  28. Anonymous

    For the Children in Ethiopia and the COVID-19 CAN’T campaign

  29. Karen McSpadden

    I believe that every child deserves to have food, shelter and love. Keep up your good work.

  30. Valerie and Wally Easton

    It is Birthday time for the Eastons. We have three family birthdays in May and lots of gifts change hands. I am proud of my husband, Wally, who said last week that he wanted a donation from our family to go to Tesfa’s shelter. That’s all he needs for his birthday! Wally has a Heart for Ethiopia!

  31. Edward Szypniewski

    Donating in memory of my mother Wanda Szypniewski for Mother’s Day

  32. Denise Salsman

    I am donating in memory of my mom, Sandra Swartzentruber. She passed away 3 weeks ago to the day of Mother’s Day. People say firsts are difficult. This is difficult. My mom was a born Grandma and loved her 10 grandchildren fiercely plus others she considered her grandchildren. She rallied against the injustice of children and supported many children’s charities. She heard Shelley’s story and it touched her heart. We talked about it often. I can think of no other way to honour my mom on this Mother’s Day than to support Mothers with a heart for Ethiopia.

  33. Linda Rodenburg

    From Evie: I love singing lessons with Mrs. Easton. She is kind and funny. She helps me learn how to sing.

  34. Linda Rodenburg

    From Evie… Thank you for doing singing lessons. You are kind and funny and you help me. I watched the video. I am glad you love these kids.

  35. Daniela Vukobratic

    Happy to support your Covid Can’t campaign and grateful to your matching donor.

  36. Bev McDonald

    Glad to have the ability to help with this important work in these challenging times

  37. Sylvia Sales

    Mother’s with a Heart for Ethiopis has been dear to my heart for ten years. The work they have done, and continue to do, is absolutely AMAZING,

  38. Val Easton

    Dear Wee Evie – a big THANK YOU to you and your Mum for making a donation to Tesfa in honour of our singing lessons. Caring and giving are the best lessons of all!❤️

  39. Val Easton

    In honour of Kyle’s birthday we are happy to make a donation to Tesfa’s shelter. Many thanks to Kyle for asking for these donations, to the Anonymous Donor for matching donations, and to MWAHFE for all the things they do for Tesfa and for their other projects.
    Covid CAN’T!

  40. Marion Baker

    We will all work together to eradicate this devastating virus

  41. Cathi Gorham-Mol

    Such a wonder cause and support system for children who have so very little. The people that work so very hard to keep these children safe and happy are amazing.

  42. Janet Lebold

    Keep up your wonderful work!

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