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Gambella Anglican Centre


Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 12.47.03 PMThe work of the Gambella Anglican Centre is empowerment through education, partnership and discipleship. The Gambella Anglican Centre has developed and maintains several ongoing projects such as the Women’s Literacy Program, the St Frumentius College, and the Mothers’ Union Health Education Project. The Centre also provides a meeting place for lay leadership

training and for projects which have grown out of GAC initiatives such as the Opo Bible Translation Project, and various other translation projects for Anuak, Nuer, Mabaan and Opo people groups. It hosts the college library, a sports program for local children and youth, space for the St Barnabas congregation and choir, and youth work and community outreach initiatives. Infrastructure needs include the provision of adequate water, security, teaching facilities as well as staff and faculty salaries.

To learn more of the work we do at the Gambella Anglican Centre, see the attached videos; Cham’s story, Peter’s story, Plenary session: New Wineskins mission conference.

Cham’s story:

Peter’s story

Gambella Field Report

Plenary address by Grant and Wendy LeMarquand from New Wineskins for Global Mission April 2016:


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