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Kwagala- Uganda

“The Kwagala initiative has been established to support the The Good Shepherd Orphan School Foundation in Mubende, Uganda, Africa. This is a non-profit & non-government initiative to raise funds for the School and its children.

Primarily to come along side Shepherd (Pastor) Patrick Kibirige who has been running this school for over 7 years. We assist him with the every expanding number of children wanting to attend elementary school and now High School as well.  Kwagala is operated as a Christian faith ministry and also includes ministering to those in the slums of Kampala.

With 250 children attending the Our Father Orphan School it is vital that we also address the needs for basic daily needs such as food, housing, clothing and medical care as well as education. It is our goal to supply funds for teachers and school supplies to enable the children to build a better future for themselves in their war torn country that struggles with AIDS/HIV & many other diseases along with extreme poverty and exploitation.  Government schools cost money that these orphaned children or their surviving family members can’t afford.

Kwagala is endeavouring to lend a helping hand for a future of self-sustainability.  With a vision to upgrade and expand the school, rebuild washrooms, add a dormitory for those traveling up to 15km each day to go to school, digging a well for clean water supply, & starting to raise goats for breeding and food source, we are well underway with projects.  Maintenance of these much needed initiatives will be our ongoing immediate funding goals.

It is our vision and hope that these children will break the cycle of poverty and be empowered to also make a difference in life.”

Sarah Crook – Lead Member