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Neema Child Project has been established to raise funds in support of Kingdom Child Project in the Kajjansi-Wakiso area of Uganda, Africa. Kingdom Child Project is a Non-Governmental Organization directed by Pastor Francis Daniel Mutibwa. With their strong foundation of Christian faith, Pastor Daniel and his wife Winnifred have dedicated their lives to caring for orphaned children through various ministries. They have nearly 200 children within their programs with the goal of bringing hope and a brighter future to children who have been victimized by the effects of AIDS, civil war and under-developed social systems. With a focus on education and the provision of basic daily needs such as food, housing, clothing and medical care, Neema Child Project will endeavour to lend support to this cause through donations and a Child Sponsorship Program.

Child Sponsorship  
neema-childrenOur Child Sponsorship Program is now well underway with several children already sponsored for education and basic daily needs. Our Child Sponsorship Program is a meaningful and rewarding way to connect people from Canada and other parts of the world with orphaned children in Uganda. Sponsors will have the opportunity to provide partial or full sponsorship to a child and connect on a personal level. Sponsors will be assured that they are making a meaningful change in a child’s life and giving them support for basic daily needs such as food, housing, clothing and proper medical care as well as education to ensure a brighter future.

neema-choir-singersCultural Exchange 

The Neema Children’s Choir travelled to Canada in 2013 and again in 2015. This ministry has served to raise awareness and educate thousands of Canadians about the plight of children in Uganda and other parts of Africa. In fact, the Neema Children’s Choir inspired the initiative that is now Neema Child Project.

Their energetic music, song and dance is inspiring and motivational and their testimonies are both heartbreaking and moving. Many of us here in Canada have been led to become involved as Team Members and Child Sponsors with Neema Child Project after witnessing their performances and hearing their message.

In view of encouraging a level of self-sustainability, future objectives of the program are aimed at expanding the orphanage, improving washroom facilities, installing a drilled well, and also starting a farming initiative for crops and livestock.

Focus on Education
Leaders and leadership skills are most often developed through education. Neema Child Project is focused on getting children into school and keeping them in school. In a country with so many needs, developing leaders through higher education is a priority. Of course, to promote learning, a child must be well fed and well cared for. So we start from the beginning…rescuing vulnerable children from destitute circumstances, building them up to good health and putting them on the path to a brighter future through better education. Our goal is to end the cycle of poverty starting with this generation and fuel self-sustainability and prosperity for generations to come.

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Rita Mabira
Project Lead Member
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