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8 thoughts on “Panafric International Academy

  1. carol lee

    Tuition for Bereket Tesfaye, PIA

  2. carol lee

    service fee for tuition donation for Bereket Tesfaye

  3. Patricia Weiler

    Sponsorship for Panafric International Academy for Tizita Shewanguzaw

  4. Christa Love

    This is a fantastic initiative.

  5. Martha Cole

    On behalf of Panafric International Academy we thank you for your generous donation. We are so thankful for people like you, who understand the importance of educating the underprivileged to overcome the stigma of poverty. Having worked in Africa for the past 5 years, I have witnessed and have worked tirelessly to give a hand up not a hand out so our beautiful black brothers and sisters can rise above poverty through education. Thank you.

  6. Nancy Engelking

    Dibora Tesfaye LKG

  7. Nancy Engelking

    for Dibora Tesfaye LKG

  8. Martha Cole

    Donation for sponsorship of our two children at PIA.

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