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Sagome Water Project


Sagome Water Project 2018

In the past six years, enrolment at the Sagome Learning Center in Wolkite, Ethiopia, had doubled. That means that many more children in the town are benefiting from an enriched education — preparing them for national exams after Grade 8 and laying the foundation of learning habits that will see many of them reach university and beyond.

That fast growth of the student population has meant more classrooms, but it also means an upgraded water system is needed. The current water system and washing station (above) needs to be expanded. Thanks to a longtime Sagome Learning Centre donor, new water tanks and new hand-washing stations will be constructed and ready for the children to use in the new year.

The school community participates in the operation and success of the Sagome Learning Center and sends a heart-felt thanks to Canadian donors who are part of that success. The students are thankful for the gift of fresh water and the gift of education.

For more information on the Sagome Scholarship Program 2018, and to make a donation, follow the link below.


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