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The Members & Volunteers We Work With

Are committed and motivated
Are law-abiding citizens (validated by police checks if working in or visiting project areas)
Are innovative, adaptable and flexible
Are sensitive to and respectful toward all faiths.
Are non-abrasive, respectful of and cooperative with others; free to exhibit their own individuality but sensitive to appropriate etiquette and protocol
Have pride and professionalism in their work
Have a sense of humour and enjoy adventure
Value humanity above wealth and materialism

The Work We Do

Is to the genuine and maximum benefit of the beneficiary
Does no harm (environmentally, socially, culturally)
Discourages relationships of dependency and instead builds toward sustainability
Is collaborative with government and non-government agencies.
Enhances the ownership and capacity of the local people
Builds lasting friendship and understanding
Contributes to Christ’s vision for our world: peaceful, just, restored and reconciled to God.

The People We Serve

The poor and physically suffering
The disadvantaged, isolated, marginalized
Those with limited access to other assistance
Those motivated to help themselves


The Resources We Use

We are responsible and dependable
We are cost efficient and frugal, not wasteful or abusive
We build the capacity of local skills, personnel and resources
We are accountable and transparent with the resources we use


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Neutrality – We are neutral on political issues.

Respectful of the Individual – We take direction from the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

Respectful of other Cultures – We respect the innate worth of other cultures and wherever possible preserve and/or strengthen non-harmful traditions and livelihoods.

Non-sectarian & non-discriminatory – No beneficiary is excluded on the basis of sectarian, discriminatory, or religious grounds.

Priority to Human Need – In selecting aid projects, first priority is given to human need and potential for building capacity of local entity.

Accountability – We adhere to high standards of accountability to both donor and beneficiary.

Volunteerism – We value and seek to foster the spirit of volunteerism and commitment.

Professionalism – DevXchange provides professional support and accountability to its donors and beneficiaries.