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Greenfield Kids

We All Deserve a Right to an Education

Robert Akampurira, knows that the children in his district deserve and “have a right to an education”, but the reality is that they simply “can’t afford one”.

Enter The Greenfield Kids Foundation.

The Greenfield Kids Foundation (GKF) was established in 2009, in the Kabale District of Uganda, by Mr. Akampurira. As both the founder and director, Mr. Akampurira has dedicated the foundation’s efforts to support the children of the district in need. Through education, GKF hopes to:

  • Empower children to overcome ignorance, poverty, and disease
  • Give a voice to the children, and highlight any violations to their rights
  • Create public awareness on the importance of educating children
  • Overall, give the children a better quality of life

But like any kind of meaningful change, it comes at a price; one that Devxchange is more than willing to help deal with.

With the money received from Devxchange, GKF has been able to complete the construction of two rooms for the purpose of boarding students; furnished with mattresses and blankets – in addition to books – by members of the neighboring Rubanda parliament. This simple change has allowed for students to stay on school grounds and forget the issues of their home environment while focusing on their education. The resulting impact has been astounding, with GKF students being among the few who performed well in the Rubanda District testing. But perhaps the greatest accomplishment is that the efforts of GKF have found traction in the community, with student numbers rising from 95 two years ago, to 165 today – and increasing!

Without Devxchange’s help with fundraising…I don’t think our students would have gotten such good grades.”, says Mr. Akampurira. But while Devxchange is always ready to help those who wish to create change for the better, the truth is that without Mr. Akampurira’s GKF, and inspiring people like him, these causes would never receive the time in the spotlight that they so deserve.

If you wish to learn more about the Greenfield Kids Foundation, and the ways that you can become involved, please visit the project’s website:

Donate to Greenfield >

Author: J. Pierce Calluori.

J. Pierce Calluori

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