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Greenfield Kids – Student Spotlight, Marion

This is Marion, she is 10 and is a grade 5 student at Greenfield nursery and primary school, which is a project of Devxchange. Marion lives with her grandmother who has a very limited income to support Marion and herself. Marion helps her grandmother by collecting firewood and cooking.  

Marion loves school even though going to Greenfield nursery and primary school can be a long trek for her. She travels by foot about 5km everyday to go to school, facing many dangers along the way.

Marion is a hardworking student and is doing well in class, last term she made second position in class, and she hopes to continue getting great grades. Marion says she wants to be a nurse so she can help her community and she also loves music and studying drama.

We wish you all the best in your success Marion!

With Devxchange projects like Greenfield nursery and primary we are helping bring access to education in Uganda one student at a time.

Author: Mariah Omer

Mariah Omer

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