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Adore Little Children Botswana

Botswana has the 3rd highest rate of HIV / Aids in the world and this area of the country has the greatest need for assistance. ADORE’s mission is to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of this forgotten group of people, with a special focus on helping children.

Chosen Children 2017

Renuka Jeyanayagam made her first volunteer trip to Africa in 2005 and since then returned every year, starting projects in Zambia and Mozambique. Renuka has a passion to see the children of Africa have opportunities to attend school and receive an education, which would completely change their lives. Her hope is to help families break the cycle of poverty by providing them with the resources and opportunities to be self reliant.

RAISED $0 GOAL $25,000

Rescue One

Thailand is an impoverished nation. Many are enticed to seek work far from their home community. Young people and women are frequently entrapped in bonded service or sex trade as a means to support themselves and their families. There is a need for education, educational support, training and outreach to assist these vulnerable people.

RAISED $2,300 GOAL $20,000

Able Kids – Malawi

In Blantyre, Malawi, thanks to the vision and tireless devotion of one man, Victor Musowa, children with disabilities are receiving high quality education, therapy, and nutritious meals. And it’s not just traditional school-aged children who attend this school. Recognizing the critical role of early intervention therapy, this school, the AKF, admits children as young as four months.

RAISED $11,665 GOAL $30,000

Mothers With a Heart for Ethiopia

  Mothers with a Heart for Ethiopia is a volunteer-led and volunteer driven organization based


Our Fundacion was created by Mariela’s Guna family in 1999 in order to promote the welfare of their Guna neighbours in healthcare, education and social issues. Our work is principally on the island of Achutupu located offshore from Panama’s Caribbean coast. Because of our long experience on the island and our close friendship with the families we are well aware of their pressing needs and try to respond with the help of qualified volunteers from outside who donate their skills and services .

RAISED $1,425 GOAL $10,000
Moringa Tree

Forestry For Life

The original project has had such a success that it is now multiplying itself into new areas and expanding its original vision to include integrated development with water, health, education, and expanding on income generating activities. One of the new areas is North Shoa a strategic area that is the convergence of 4 tribes/regions in Ethiopia (Amhara, Oromo, Afar, and Arbgoba).

RAISED $21,226.77 GOAL $15,000

Hand Up

Victoria Quinn is lead member for this project in Belize that seeks to build playgrounds in local schools.

RAISED $750 GOAL $5,000

Run For Life Global Outreach

Rift Valley Marathon participants and volunteers will visit Kenya in March to run, and contribute their skills to a variety of community based projects.

RAISED $12,784 GOAL $15,000

Bethel Orphans and Elder Support- Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Tsegaye Eshete is the project leader of the Bethal Orphans and Elders project in Ethiopia. The project is dedicated to improving the lives of the people who society has forgotten.

RAISED $24,225 GOAL $40,000

Grass Roots Youth Development

David O’Leary runs the Grassroots Youth Development program out of Khayelitsha, South Africa. Grassroots Youth is made up of three integrated programs (Boxing, Nutrition, Education) that help disadvantaged youth to realize their full potential.

RAISED $6,851.5 GOAL $8,000

Birds of Paradise Ministries

Heartprints Community Centre Rwanda has changed its name to Bird of Paradise Ministries- Rwanda (BPMR), a local organization based in Rwanda whose primary goal is to provide basic care for the homeless elderly who do not have family members to provide for them.

RAISED $24,188 GOAL $100,000

Pelletier Teenage Mothers Foundation

Solome Nanvule is the Project Leader of Pelletier Teenage Mothers Foundation which is dedicated to creating lives for new mothers.

RAISED $8,944.76 GOAL $10,000

CanAfric Community Initiative

Anne and Noah Mugenyi are the lead members of the CanAfric Community Initiative which is dedicated to improving the quality of lives in Uganda.

RAISED $3,991.19 GOAL $12,000


The work of the Gambella Anglican Centre is to empower leaders in the church to serve their communities. The center provides theological education through the Saint Frumentius’ Anglican Theological College. The Centre provides a place to ‘equip the saints for ministry’ in health education, nutritional/agricultural education, literacy, bible translation, outreach and service to the community.

RAISED $102,414.47 GOAL $130,000