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In Kolfe, a western sub-city that’s part of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia there is Bisrat Elementary School. The school has many children that come with no way to eat each day. The result for children having little to no nutrition is not only daunting on their own health but also a negative impact on the future of their community as whole. With 500,000 people crammed into this little area and many of them without food, children are found very often begging for money or food on the streets. Their parents are unable to get a job because their first priority is to find food which is time consuming, leaving them stuck in the cycle of poverty,

With iNSchool project, they have found a solution to provide the children of Bisrat Elementary with school meal programs and other programs that are focused on the well being of the children. When children are provided with proper nutrition their abilities completely change. From having often very low energy, grades, motivation, engagement, etc to being able have more energy, being able to be more focused to having better self esteem issues. Having proper nutrition not only helps these children to better their health and education but it also provides a generation of healthy kids that are educated and are able to share that with others in their community.

To learn more about this #DevXchangeProject please visit here.

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