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Devxchange is a registered Canadian charity, an association of volunteers that pursue a new approach to international development. We believe that development is a two-way exchange that should advance social innovation with an entrepreneurial spirit. We engage professional volunteers, not just their services and financial support, but their experience and expertise as project strategists and coaches.


We facilitate the linking of Canadian volunteers (including those from ethnic communities, recent university graduates and retirees) with indigenous organizations and their humanitarian initiatives in developing countries. We provide management and support to these volunteers as well as tax-deductible receipts for their donors.


In short – it’s a development exchange that helps people help people!



Devxchange was founded in 2006 and we have been expanding our reach ever since. We now have 40+ projects in 20+ countries and we are always looking to work with more projects.


Devxchange projects are member lead which means that not only do we keep our admin costs low, we also allow project lead members to have a lot of flexibility.


Devxchange runs almost entirely on volunteers which allows us to keep our admin fees as low as 10%! that means that almost all of the money fundraised goes directly to the project. In addition all Canadian donations are tax deductible.


Devxchange ensures that all of our projects work with a local partner so that they can become self sustaining and not depend on hand outs.



Help mobilize our volunteers and provide our projects with the assistance needed to break the cycle of poverty where it is needed the most. Donate HERE.


Want to start your own project and help raise funds for your cause? Find out how to become a Project Lead Member HERE.


Many of our projects are looking for volunteers to help fundraise, or even to help out overseas. Find a PROJECT that interests you and contact the project leader to find out about their opportunities.


Devxchange is always looking for more volunteers to ensure our system runs smoothly. We currently need help with finances, web design, content management and much more. Please CONTACT US for more information.


Devxchange was founded by Tom and Beth Fellows following 30 years experience in international humanitarian work. Increasing inquiries by friends and family as to how they could become more involved in humanitarian work spawned the idea for creating a charity that would “help people help people”. The Fellows noted more and more people wanted to volunteer their time and expertise, and have a direct relationship with overseas partners who were on the front line of helping people in need. In 2006, a competent group of individuals joined with them to form a Board and start the registration process. Beth and Tom are now retired and live in Belize, but continue to work with local development groups in Belize and check on Devxchange projects around the world. Beth also serves on the Board of Directors.


Devxchange has chosen 5 important sectors to focus our work and support on. All our projects address at least one of the following sectors:

Water – Providing Clean Water Sources to as many communities as possible

Education – Raising up communities through the power of education

Health – Ensuring access to healthcare in every community

Agriculture – Helping in the preservation of the environment one community at time

Income Generation – Empowering community members to build up a livelihood for themselves and their community


    • Are committed and motivated
    • Are law-abiding citizens (validated by police checks if working in or visiting project areas)
    • Are innovative, adaptable and flexible
    • Are sensitive to and respectful toward all faiths.
    • Are non-abrasive, respectful of and cooperative with others; free to exhibit their own individuality but sensitive to appropriate etiquette and protocol
    • Have pride and professionalism in their work
    • Have a sense of humour and enjoy adventure
    • Value humanity above wealth and materialism
    • Is to the genuine and maximum benefit of the beneficiary
    • Does no harm (environmentally, socially, culturally)
    • Discourages relationships of dependency and instead builds toward sustainability
    • Is collaborative with government and non-government agencies
    • Enhances the ownership and capacity of the local people
    • Builds lasting friendship and understanding
    • Contributes to Christ’s vision for our world: peaceful, just, restored and reconciled to God
    • The poor and physically suffering
    • The disadvantaged, isolated, marginalized
    • Those with limited access to other assistance
    • Those motivated to help themselves
    • We are responsible and dependable
    • We are cost efficient and frugal, not wasteful or abusive
    • We build the capacity of local skills, personnel and resources
    • We are accountable and transparent with the resources we use


We are neutral on political issues.

We take direction from the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

We respect the innate worth of other cultures and wherever possible preserve and/or strengthen non-harmful traditions and livelihoods.

No beneficiary is excluded on the basis of sectarian, discriminatory, or religious grounds.

In selecting aid projects, first priority is given to human need and potential for building capacity of local entity.

We adhere to high standards of accountability to both donor and beneficiary.

We value and seek to foster the spirit of volunteerism and commitment.

Devxchange provides professional support and accountability to its donors and beneficiaries.