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Aid4guna is a nongovernmental charitable organization providing key services to the Guna tribe in Achutupu in the San Blas Islands.  Guna yala, as the area is known by its people, is an indigenous province in North East Panama on the Caribbean Sea. This unspoiled area steeped in ancient culture is home to about 2000 people.  While the Guna prefer to maintain a traditional lifestyle, they still require the basic necessities for a better life in a rapidly changing world. Aid4guna or Fundación Uaguitupu (Panamanian name) strives to provide key services to enable its people to earn a livelihood and educate its youth.  

Our success stories to support the local economy include:

  • The creation of a fishing co-operative
  • Purchase of a commercial size net


With the assistance of a dedicated volunteer dental team and optometrist we have provided:

  • Dental services including oral hygiene and extractions for up to 600
  • Eye examinations and eyeglasses to more than 200


The intricate applique work known as “molas” as seen below, is for many families the only and main source of income.  Vision care is therefore, essential for the talented female artisans who continue to practice this ancient textile artform and provide a key source of income to support their families.

Our goal is to continue our efforts to support the economy by encouraging existing sustainable skills and providing educational assistance through donations of school supplies and clothing, and recruitment of English teaching volunteers who can assist in school lessons, crafts and activities.

Won’t you partner with us to help improve the lives of the needy Guna families in Achutupu?  We need dedicated volunteers and financial support from donors. Doi Nuedi or Thank You!

Author: Amita Asthana

Amita Asthana


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