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Meet Amesale

Amesale is one of the beneficiaries Mothers With A Heart For Ethiopia’s WRAPS program helps. At a local school that Amesale attends herself and others students receive washable reusable pads and a training session to learn how to use them. For Amesale being 15 has many challenges. Her parents not only need to care for Amesale but her 13 other siblings as well and with a very low income, this is impossible at times to afford to buy menstrual pads every month. Her community is in such a rural area, the marketplace doesn’t even carry these products.

Thanks to the WRAP project, Amesale and other girls were able to attend a training session by WRAP project volunteers. The girls were able to learn about puberty and their menstrual cycle and how to use and care for their menstrual sanitary kits.

Amesale  said “Without pads I wouldn’t be able to attend school, when I first experienced this, I couldn’t go to school for at least one week every month.” Amesale is so grateful to the WRAPS project. She is able to attend school and her grades no longer are suffering from being absent.

Author: Mariah Omer

Mariah Omer

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