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Meet Aresema

My name is Aresema and I am eight years old. I am a grade two student at Bisrat Elementary and Middle School and I am living with my mom and two younger brothers. 

Before I was selected to join iNSchool’s project feeding program I was stressed thinking about where I would find food everyday. While I was in class, all I could do is think about where I could get a lunch because most of the time I went to school without breakfast or lunch. My mom’s income is very limited so it was a challenge for her to provide food for us everyday.

Now, I am not worried about my meal anymore. I am having breakfast and lunch at school everyday and I have become a very active student. When the teachers ask questions in the classroom, I don’t have a problem anymore to raise my hand to answer questions. Im able to stay focused when the teachers are speaking and when I do my homework . This semester, I think I am going to have really good grades!


Author: Mariah Omer

Mariah Omer

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