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Meet Evelyn

Meet Evelyn. When she was young, her mother passed away and her father was left alone to tend to her and her 6 siblings on a very limited income. Evelyn struggled in every capacity, she wanted to go to school but couldn’t afford to continue her education, she couldn’t afford food and eventually ended up in an abusive relationship with nowhere to go.

During this very challenging time in her life she decided to seek help. She met with one of our project’s directors, Pastor Daniel and she asked if his project could help her in any way. Pastor Daniel took her in and helped her have food and education.

Evelyn excelled in school and now is a Math and Science teacher in a private Elementary School. She is very thankful for the Neema Child project and she shows her gratitude by volunteering at the project, helping other kids that were in her situation. Evelyn now assists in the selection process of  new beneficiaries, she does regular home visits with other volunteers and project workers, and she spends time with the orphanage groups. In addition, Evelyn also helps provide education to the Neema choir and dancing group when they travel to Canada annually providing them continued education while they are nowhere near their classroom. The project director, Pastor Daniel says “Evelyn is the fruit of the Neema Project and now she has become a great asset to the project, she is a great role model for the children.” Thanks to this amazing project we have seen someone lift themselves out of poverty and in turn help other children rise out of poverty too.

Author: Mariah Omer

Mariah Omer


  1. Lois Lepard 1 year ago May 1, 2018

    Neems Child Project is a wonderful program. I have met Evelyn personal and consider her one of my dearest friends. She is an inspiration and an example and reminder to God’s amazing provision in changing lives for His GLORY.

    • Devxchange 1 year ago May 14, 2018

      Thank you Lois for your kind words for Neema Child and Evelyn. It is because of amazing supporters like yourself that programs and people can do what they do!


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