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Meet Frehiwot – Girls Gotta Run Project

Frehiwot is 16 years old and a grade 9 student at Aba Pascal School. Frehiwot is one of the beneficiaries of Girls Gotta Run Project also represented by Devxchange’s Mothers With a Heart For Ethiopia Project.

Frehiwot lives with her brother In Sodo city and her mother lives in a remote rural area away from the city and as you can imagine, when Frehiwot moved to the city in order to get a better education, she faced many challenges. Her mom works as a day laborer and her income is based on the work she does that day, so the struggle to raise enough to send Frehiwot was impossible.

During the selection process of the Girls Gotta Run Project, Frehiwot was able to be selected with other students for the running training and life skill program.  Thanks to the Girls Gotta Run Project, her school tuition fees and supplies were covered by the project. The project also provides the students with a lunch and other meals after they do their running training.

Frehiwot said, “Before I joined the Girls Gotta Run project I was really stressed out about my school fees and supplies. I remember there were times that I was expelled from the school because of unpaid school tuition payments. Sometimes I spent the day without having breakfast or lunch – and that left me feeling tired, I couldn’t be the active student I so badly wanted to be. Now my educational performance is totally changed, I’ve become one of the top five students in my class. When I complete high school, I want to join the university and study chemistry. I also like running and I believe that I will be a better runner.’’


Author: Mariah Omer

Mariah Omer

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