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JTCE, Providing Drug Rehabilitation in the Dominican Republic

JTCE or Centro de Transformacion Jesus Tiene Compasion de Ellos Inc. is a rehabilitation centre operating in the Dominican Republic. As a key transfer point for drug trafficking, the Dominican Republic struggles with escalating use of drug usage and few rehabilitation centres to assist the growing number of addicts within the country. JTCE is a faith-based project providing support and rehabilitation services to adults with addiction to heroin, cocaine, crack, marijuana, alcohol, ecstasy, gambling and behavioural problems. Following a detoxification period, clients to the project are exposed to a combination of counselling, peer-based support, and Bible study over a period of 15 months. The final stage of the program includes a training period whereby clients of the project acquire valuable life skills in order to facilitate integration into society.

The project’s recent successes include:

• Installation of a new basketball court for recreational use
• Training in pig farming
• Vocational training in baking

The project’s immediate needs include:

• Sufficient funds to meet operating costs including rent, electricity, internet services and providing nutritious meals to the centre’s clients
• Repairing the centre’s swimming pool
• Expansion of the facility to meet client demand for rehabilitation of both male and female clients
• Building a vocational training centre to teach clients skills to integrate into society

Join us in our efforts to provide a crucial service to help combat drug consumption through an expansion of our facilities for treatment and rehabilitation of both men and women in the Dominican Republic.

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Author: Amita Asthana

Amita Asthana

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