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Meet Mohammed

Mohammed is 12 years old and a grade 4 student. He is living with his mother and elder brother in a very small one room house.  Both Mohammed and his mother have health problems – Mohammed has an issue with his heart and his mother is bedridden. Before he joined the iNschool feeding program he was struggling to get food also. To buy food he was trying to earn money by selling plastic bags everyday after school.

Mohammed shared with us, ‘’having food every day was the major problem. My mom can’t cook for me and my brother. she is always sick and can’t move from bed. Now I am so happy I can finally stop worrying about my meal because INSchool project provides us lunch and breakfast in the school.’’ Thanks to iNSchool project Mohammed ‘s educational performance has also improved. Currently Mohamed is one of the top five students in his class!  

Author: Mariah Omer

Mariah Omer

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