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Meet New Hope Project

The New Hope Project developed from a series of donations that started with $50 that was sent to a travelling couple while they were in Ethiopia. The donation was from a nine year old family friend, Anna, who spent hours making Christmas cards that she sold to raise these funds to send to them. She wanted the money to be used to help people in need in Bahir Dar.

As our help evolved and grew along side our implementing lead member, Demelash, we evolved from helping distribute relief to families to providing micro loans to start their own sustainable businesses. This helped not only the person receiving the loan but the people around them be lifted out of poverty.

With already 900 people being the recipients of a micro loan, many families have been helped to stop the cycle of poverty in Ethiopia. A wonderful success story is Adamu. Adamu paid back his original loan and used another loan to purchase a cart for carrying construction materials for construction crews. He is now making a very good living doing this. He looks after his Mom including buying her daily insulin injections.

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