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Meet Pelletier Teenage Mothers Foundation

It all started with the generosity of one man to a little girl. Rev. Fr. Pelletier Raynald who resided in Uganda for 26 years before retiring back to Canada. He took little Nanvule, a local girl who struggled with her siblings to scavenge for money, under his wing.

The little girl grew up and had completed her degree in education from University. She completed her degree at 19, as she skipped three classes in her primary school because of her exceptional class performance.

At the age of 19, Nanvule was offered a sponsorship to go to Canada and help celebrate World Youth Day, it was a very difficult time for her as she also discovered she had become pregnant and was very afraid of losing this opportunity. After confiding to her mother the situation, she too agreed it should be kept secret and she should proceed with going to Canada.

After arriving in Canada, Nanvule did not return to Uganda, she went to a teen pregnancy support center. Nanvule received the support she needed and felt like it was time she called Rev Pellerier. After speaking to the Reverend, she let him know she was going to see her family now and he asked her to check on some of the girls he had been helping.

When Nanvule arrived she was shocked to find that the girls he used to help had dropped out of school and had become mothers. The caretakers of the girls were keeping the money, leaving the girls to suffer and drop out of school.

Nanvule immediately reached out to the Reverend to help her start a program to help these girls like she had received in Canada, he helped and put it in his name for her even. She started by taking 5 teen mothers and taught them baking in her garage. Now Pelletier Teenage Mothers Foundation has helped more than 50 mothers and provides a wide range of support programs. Nanvule also hopes to acquire five acres of land on which to build a big vocational institute, complete with housing facilities for young mothers and their children and a maternity centre.

Rev. Fr. Pelletier Raynald has since passed, but he will never be forgotten. He lived a long life and provided service to many Ugandan people. His name will live on with the very people he helped and they will provide the same generosity as he once did.

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