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Meet The Beer-Sheba Project

Founded in 2002, the Beer-Sheba Project in short combines a sustainable agro-forestry program together with holistic training and an agricultural resource center for young Senegalese farmers.
The Beer-Sheba Project provides a refuge in The Sahel region, using regeneration & reforestation practices. They already boast over 50,000 trees are on 100 hectares of previously deserted land thanks to their program.

The Intern Training Program at Beer-Sheba is a year-long holistic program in agriculture and the Bible. Here they gain first-hand experience with sustainable agriculture techniques, animal husbandry, product development, and farming system management in a context where spiritual transformation can happen.

Through agricultural research & development The Beer-Sheba team is experimenting with various small-scale farming techniques, working to develop farming systems that are both productive and responsive to the local ecosystem.

Beer-Sheba provides various products for sale on their website that are harvested on site such as charcoal, meat, vegetables and moringa powder.

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