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Meet Workageghu

Workageghu is one of the 10 model farmers of the Forestry for Life Project under Devxchange. Workagehu lives in the North Eastern area of Ethiopia with his five kids. Workageghu had his own farmland and wanted to increase his income to provide better for his family. He had a very good irrigation system throughout but he only ever planted sorghum on his farm. At the time he didn’t know the benefits of having other plants on the farm.

Finally, a great opportunity came in the form of an invitation to visit Engebara city. Here he would travel to train under two model farmers who offered their knowledge to help him grow his farm into a profitable income that could support himself and his family better. When he returned to his farm, he was ready to plant something new.  

He planted 200 hundred mango trees, 100 banana trees and 200 papaya trees and this year he is expecting to sell the fruits of the banana and papaya trees. The expected income is around 1,000,000 birr ($45,000 CAD) and after three years his mango trees will start fruiting. When the mangos start selling, he will see 4 times the amount of income he is expected to see this year. Prior to the training program, Workageghu was making only 15,000 birr each year.

With more and more farmers receiving this training, we can help others have food and an income to help lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.

Author: Mariah Omer

Mariah Omer

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