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Meet Yadimu

Yadimu is working for the Forest for Life Project Ox Fattening Program. Before Yadimu started working for the project he had been very sick and had a serious surgery. After he recovered from his surgery, he still couldn’t continue do his previous work anymore. On top of that, he spent all the money he had for his medications. His wife, Wude is a housewife and takes care of their two children and unable to help bring in an income.With Yadimu being the only one who was able to work, the family struggled to feed themselves, which in turn made them depressed and hopeless.

With Devxchange’s project, Yadimu is now able to have a monthly income, he also mentioned how much he likes what he is doing now. He is very hopeful for the future he says, feeling like he can finally provide again for his family.

Author: Mariah Omer

Mariah Omer

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