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Who Can Be A Member?

Anyone over the age of 18 who agrees with our core values can be a member. We believe there is strength in diversity so we welcome people from all cultures and all walks of life. Since DevXchange operates primarily on a volunteer basis, we expect most of our members will be adults well established in or nearing retirement from their careers, however we also welcome young adults, especially college and university graduates. Fill out our short application and start the adventure today.

Why Become A Member?

DevXchange is established on democratic principles and values equally the varied roles of its members whether a donor, a Board member, or volunteer who works overseas or in Canada. DevXchange is run by its members and as a member you become part of our development as an organization.

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As A Member:

  • you receive special notice of new projects and volunteer opportunities
  • you receive personal invitations to participate in projects that match your skill set and interest (based on information you provide us in your application)
  • you receive regualar updates (via email) of our progress as an organization (don’t worry – we don’t do mass mail-outs)
  • you receive notice of training opportunities, up-coming study tours and project visits.
  • you receive an invitation to our annual members meeting, qualify to serve on the Board of Directors, and give input to our development.


What Can Members Do?

DevXchange operates on a volunteer basis so there is opportunity to be involved in everything from administrative support and fundraising to working with our partners overseas. Of course finding the right fit for you depends on you telling us your interests and abilities. Get started by filling out our short application form today. Membership is the first step in become an overseas volunteer and starting a project. 

Be a Member

DevXchange is run by its members. The benefits are like our international development philosophy – it’s an exchange – what you put in is what you will get back. As a member you will receive personal notices of opportunities we think you might be interested in, but keep checking our website for additional opportunities and feel free to pass them on to your friends. 

Be a Project Lead Member

DevXchange does not hire staff to manage projects. This keeps our overhead to a minimum and allows our volunteers to ‘own’ the projects they feel passionate about. Most projects involve a number of members or volunteers and all projects are led by a Project Lead Member. The Project Lead Member is usually our main liaison with the implementing partner and together with other members and friends undertakes fundraising for project commitments.