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If you want to start a project you must first become a DevXchange member and locate a project that aligns with our values. Click HERE to find out more.



Project Lead Members are responsible for raising the funds for their project. They can do this by holding events, crowd funding, reaching out to their networks or in many other ways.



Project Lead Member then helps their local partners to implements their project.



Project Lead Members and DevXchange then monitor the project to ensure that it meets its objectives and to learn ways to improve it.

Who we are and who we aren’t:

DevXchange is not an ‘implementing agency’ (we do not register as a Non-Governmental-Organization NGO in developing countries). Instead we prefer to work through ‘agents’ or locally registered indigenous partners. This cuts down on our overhead costs, contributes to sustainability of project interventions and puts ownership and management of the project in the hands of those who best understand how to positively impact the lives of their own people.

DevXchange is not a ‘funding agency’. Please do not come to us with a project idea if you are not willing to raise funds for it. The money you raise for a project will be directed to that project and all donations designated to approved projects through DevXchange are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.
We are an organization of volunteers. In some ways we are an association of humanitarian volunteers, working together to help each other help others. DevXchange serves as a facilitator for Canadians who want to volunteer their time, expertice and/or resources in people to people initiatives. Click on the membership application and join us today!

Project selection:

Any member of DevXchange may submit a project opportunity (regardless of size or scope) to the organization, provided it is compatible with Our Objectives and Core Values.

Members ‘discover’ project opportunities during business or vacation travels, through planned study tours or feasibility studies, or from previous contacts with indigenous groups.

If you know of a project opportunity you would like to see developed, contact us at

We would love to help channel your compassion and passion into a sound development project and ensure you receive whatever charitable tax deduction you are entitled to.

DevXchange projects are initiated by its members. Project ideas are strengthened through the participation and input of implementing partners, government, technical advisors and other interested members as appropriate and available. It’s a partnership from start to finish!

Approval process:

Often initial ideas for helping others are inspired by compelling emotions of compassion and charity. While passion to help change our world is greatly needed, we believe sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences contributes to better development interventions. The process thus starts with a member preparing a Project Proposal. This allows the member to clearly articulate what they hope to accomplish. Sometimes the input of other members may strengthen the original ideas and prevent common pitfalls in development approaches.

The process is simple and straightforward and along the way you are likely to find other members who want to work with you on your project. Get more information about our 5 step process by clicking here.



Training & implementation:

International development is a constantly changing field. None of us has the time nor resources to keep apprised of all the program approaches and technical advances occurring almost daily in the various development sectors. Some volunteers join DevXchange without any or very limited overseas experiences and very little knowledge in humanitarian principles and practices.

We all need training.

As part of our strategy to better equip its members and project volunteers, DevXchange organizes various training workshops and orientation sessions. Members are also informed of training opportunities provided by other agencies. To receive information on our training material, become a member today.