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Project Spotlight – Mozambique

Chosen Children – a Year in Review

Chosen Children is dedicated to improving the lives of many children in Mozambique by providing education, malaria prevention and basic needs. Though out 2014 Chosen Children provided basic needs like soap, plates, blankets, clothing and school materials to 80 families, including 350 children. These materials are extremely important because without school books or a uniform most children will be unable to attend school. Malaria prevention is very important in Mozambique, but the nets that are available on the local market are too expensive for most families to afford them. Over the past two years, Chosen Children has helped to distribute nets to over 500 families. They also provide workshops to educate people about the dangers of malaria and how to prevent it. In addition, medical staff make home visits to many remote families to provide assistance and support. Chosen Children have also instigated a Saturday program where 120 children are provided with a day of fun, singing and learn where they also receive a breakfast and hot lunch.  Goats have continued to be distributed to the community, the first of which have already reproduce and started providing income for their families.

5e356252-8db9-4a93-b38d-a9aa78df25ceIf you wish to support the work that Chosen Children does you can donate to their project here or attend one of their events. Their next event, ‘Share the Love’ is on February 28th in Markham Ontario. For $30 you can join them for a four courser meal of French food and live music. On May 9th Chosen Children will also be having their annual and very successful Walk for Africa.