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Volcan de Fuego

“On June 4th 2018, a massive eruption from the “Volcan de Fuego” in Guatemala devastated surrounding villages and has left many homeless and injured. News reports only estimate 70 dead but my people on the ground estimate it in the thousands and even more burned and displaced.

My goal is to raise money for medical supplies to help provide material to overwhelmed hospitals In Escuintla and neighboring communities. Our biggest concern is the spread of infection and the overall suffering of the burn victims. Our goal is to provide gauze, anticipative, burn ointments, sterilizing fluids for tools and hygiene, provide funding for antibiotics and pain relief medicine and meals for the starving shelters. Our main goal is guarantee the materials get to the hospitals. We are hoping to raise $40,000 Cdn.  Please join us in this urgent need.”

– Manolo Orellana, Project Leader for Project “Volcan de Fuego”

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