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The story behind the owner of Bethlehem Café


Bethlehem Café is owned by one of the former beneficiaries of Devxchange project, “New Hope” in Ethiopia.  Her name is Amaled. When Amaled moved to Bahir Dar from Gonder, she was a very young girl. Amaled didn’t have any family or relatives in this new city and therefore could not afford the opportunity to go to school and get an education. Instead, Amaled had been a house maid for several years before she found the microloan program opportunity, New Hope project. Amaled received her first loan to start a small café in a container house.

One of Amaled’s workers

Since receiving the microloan Amaled built her business up and moved to a great location in Bahir Dar where she has been able to hire two additional people to work for her. When ever you go to Bahir Dar, make sure to stop by the Bethlehem Café and enjoy a delicious Ethiopian coffee made by Amaled.


Author: Mariah Omer

Mariah Omer


  1. Yared Tadesse 2 years ago December 13, 2017

    I need the physical address of New hope project in Addis Ababa? ???
    Can you tell me please? ??

    • Admin 2 years ago December 14, 2017

      New Hope is not in Addis it is in Bahirdar


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