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The Story Of Awori

Awori is 60 years old and lives in the northern part of Uganda with her 7 grandchildren. She is the only one who takes care of them as they were all sadly abandoned by their biological parents. Awori shared with us that she and her grandchildren lived in small grass house in which the roof leaked whenever it rained and they could not afford things like blankets to cover up at night.

Awori told our field journalist, “I was struggling with poverty every day. I was feeling defeated because I couldn’t send all of my grandchildren to the school, because of the school fees associated with attending. I couldn’t even afford to buy clothes and other necessities for my grandchildren. I was growing crops at the time and I still couldn’t feed my grandchildren any other food besides the food I was planting. I appreciate Neema Child Project so much. Their support allowed my grandchildren to not only attend school, but they also helped with their school supplies, blankets, mattresses, sanitary products and food. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities they have given to my grandchildren.”

After Neema Child Project started in this rural area of northern Uganda, they have been able to provide support to the community and see many children attend school and receive food and clothes when needed.  

Author: Mariah Omer

Mariah Omer

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