Greenfield Kids Foundation

Greenfield Kids Foundation

Sep 2019
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Kabale, Uganda

Providing support to the needy children and orphans, they have put in place the Greenfield Nursery and Primary School for the children ages 2 to 13.

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devx4The Greenfield Kids Foundation was registered in September 2009; we are non-profit organization, dedicated to providing support to the needy children and orphans in Kabale District, Uganda, Africa. This foundation has focused their attention on solving the problems of needy children and orphans and has put in place the Greenfield Nursery and Primary School for the children ages 2 to 13.

In 2012 we began the construction of a permanent brick school called The Greenfield Nursery and Primary School. This is replacing a small 3 room wood structure that gets washed out every time there is a heavy rain fall and the children can’t use them. So far we have built 6 room brick school, 2 temporary latrines and a 2 room wooden structure for the nursery children.


devxThese children have the right to an education but can’t afford one. The Greenfield Kids Foundation is providing a school for them with regular class courses such as math, English, social studies, music and more. This school is in great need of supplies for learning and construction supplies for the building of the school.devx3


  • Not often is the school is able to feed the children their one good meal of the day of maize and a slice of bread. In the future we are hoping to start a breakfast and lunch program for the children; many of them only have one meal a day in the evening which makes it very hard for children to concentrate on their academics.
  • We want to continue the construction of the Greenfield Nursery and Primary School and expand the school to teach up to primary 7 class due to the demand of the community.devx9
  • Expand on our sponsoring a child program for only $30 per month. Sponsorship is used to meet educational costs, food and clothing for the sponsored child. Sponsorship is arranged by contacting us.
  • Continue our Pen Pal Program with a childcare center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The children write letters to each other, share what it’s like to live in different parts of the world, send pictures and videos of the children singing and dancing.
  • Develop a music program where the children learn to play instruments, sing songs, dance traditional dances and songs.
  • We want to build up our football/soccer team giving them team shirts and equipment to continue their development of football/soccer skills and having fun.
  • We need to build 2 permanent latrines and a fully functional kitchen to run the breakfast/lunch program from.



  • To empower children with education and educational facility, to fight ignorance, poverty and disease.
  • To lobby and advocate for the needy children and orphans.
  • To create public awareness on child education and fight against violation of children’s rights.



We are hoping that with the help from those who love and pray for children we will rescue those on verge of losing their education or lives.

Campaign Updates:

We are trying to start a breakfast and lunch program because most of the children go all day without food which makes it very difficult to concentrate when you are constantly thinking about hunger.

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  1. Anonymous

    I want ALL children to have the best education and awesome life, too. 🙂 Happy Holidays! Have a Wonderful New Year! 🙂

  2. Akampurira Robert

    Thank you very much, together as one, together for children

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