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Heart of Ruth Mission is a hands on loving organization providing educational opportunities and financial support to facilitate growth and self-sustainability at Rainbow House Children’s Home. Since being founded in 2012, we have grown an incredible amount. Rainbow House Children’s Home is a home for 43 children in Gede, Kenya. For many years Rainbow House was in desperate need of support in order to stay open. Heart of Ruth saw a need and came together to see what we could do. In 2013 we registered our first 8 children for private school.

Now in 2019 we have 18 children sponsored for education. It is with your support that we have been also able to make a physical difference at Rainbow.

In 2016 Heart of Ruth Mission had a group of 13 volunteers go to Kenya and construct a wall around Rainbow, create a functioning library and learning center, as well as fix the leakages in the water system, shower and toilet facilities. Heart of Ruth has in the past raised money for water bills, a chimney system, new bug nets and mattresses, as well as staff wages and food bills.

Our current project is to build a dorm style home for the children of Rainbow House that are over 18.

It is Kenyan law that children 18 and above must leave the children’s home. At this age the majority of the children are not finished high school. We have a dream of building a home for these children to live while finishing school and also finding jobs when finished. This home is located on the plot next to Rainbow House.

The project budget for this is $25,000 CAD. This will build a fully functional home for 12 students as they learn to stand on their own two feet.

Our ongoing project is the child sponsorship program.

Right now Heart of Ruth has connected 18 children with sponsors. Education is the best gift a child can be given and it is the only thing that will break the chain of poverty. Education provides an opportunity to create a ripple effect of change within their community. Each sponsorship is $540 CAD per year, and the school year starts in January. If the child is in class 1-8 they will be at Rainbow Academy, located on the Rainbow House property and if they are in high school, most will go to Barani Secondary School in Malindi. Sponsorship includes tuition fees, exam fees, uniforms, school shoes, backpacks, textbooks, notebooks, pencils, pens, school badges and school socks. There are many children of all ages living at Rainbow House and the surrounding community that can benefit from education sponsorship. This is a project that will continue yearly. Living expense sponsorships are also needed for each child, totaling $300 CAD per year. Other sponsorship or charitable opportunities available for children living at the Transition Home and in need of further education.

Please check out our website and social media pages for further updates

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Rebecca Dallaire is the founder of Heart of Ruth Mission. She is a 25 year old Registered Practical Nursing living in the Muskoka area of Ontario. Rebecca was born and raised in northern Ontario where she was an avid volunteer. Rebecca spent her summers volunteering as a cabin leader, activity coordinator and lifeguard at Dorion Bible Camp. At camp was where her passion for helping others began. Rebecca currently works at Christian Horizons as a developmental service worker where she has supported disabled adults since 2010. In 2012 Rebecca went to Kenya for the first time and saw a need in the community of Watamu; she decided to team together with a group of girls to improve lives through self-sustainability projects and education opportunities. She has been to Kenya 4 times in 5 years, totaling nearly 10 months spent in the community.
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