Love Uganda

Love Uganda

Oct 2019
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A new orphanage to take over from a small existing one in Uganda that exists with many limitations that prevents enough of the bare necessities for the children from reaching their needs

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There is a growing need to house, care for and educate the growing number of Ugandan orphaned children. Numbers are increasing as parents are dying with HIV Aids. Others are taken away by police from abusive situations, both sexually and physically and brought to this orphanage and others.



Love Uganda is a unifying force in a community that provides a solid base of community for all. The new orphanage will seek to provide a village setting that is self contained and self sustainable. Helping and providing for children also means trying to help parents and guardians too – if possible. No child should be sent back to parent or guardian who are known and proven to be abusive.

Our Plan

Phase 1:  Maintain present Love Uganda orphanage.

Phase 2: Construct 5 houses to accommodate 50 children. each house will contain 3 bedrooms for 10 children. kitchen, bathroom, lounge, storage area. dining room at one end of the house will be
accommodation for the keeper of the house which includes a bedroom, kitchen washroom.


Phase 3: To be constructed only after completion of phase 2. this will include the construction of a school and medical clinic centre.

Fundraising will concentrate on phases 1 and 2. Phase 3 will come once phase 1 and 2 are completed and paid for.




About The Lead Members

Rev.Dr.Arthur Davies, Former dairy farmer called into ministry and ordained in The United Church of Canada 1989. Spent 30 years in ministry. His doctoral thesis was identifying a pastoral care approach for the middle class who lost their jobs due to the restructuring and re engineering of the economy. He has been involved as chair of numerous groups including chair of the PEI Habitat for  humanity, addressing community needs, both local and overseas. He did short term mission work in Kenya, India, Nicaragua and Nigeria. Arthur seeks to be and help others be, the change we all wish to see in this world. Changing lives through this new orphanage is part of his calling to help provide a better life and opportunities for these children and hopefully others, to have at least the bare necessities of life which includes unconditional love with a long term commitment.


Alex Davies is a teacher, a traveler, & a caregiver. He is currently the Primary Caregiver & Orphanage Manager for Love Uganda Foundation, in Uganda, East Africa. He is the father for 19 orphans.

Growing up in rural Ontario, Alex began his career in computers & web programming. Finding that he had a gift for working with children, he decided to focus his life on that cause. Fast forward 22 years, and he has lived & been a teacher in numerous countries, on 6 continents. Finally settling down in East Africa, Alex spent 5 years as a teacher & a caregiver at an orphanage & school, in Uganda. Since January of 2019, he has been working at a different orphanage, solely as a caregiver. He is engaged to be married to a Ugandan woman.

The world is a big place, with many opportunities for everyone. You need to find that 1 thing in life that makes you happy. Grab onto it… hold on tight… and never let go. What can you do to improve the lives of others? What can you do to make the world a better & safer place? What can you do to serve humanity?