Sep 2019
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Arba meter Road, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Lack of opportunity for these young girls, combined with the fact that only 15% of high school graduates in Ethiopia are accepted into universities result in a huge population of unskilled and unemployed youth.

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The plan now seeks out the poorest of young women and men before they turn to seek to make a living on the streets. The DevXchange New Livelihood Project is implemented through a local NGO “New Hope Integrated Development”. The committee carefully searches for candidates among the hundreds if not thousands of potential candidates for training in vocational skills. ¬†Demelash and Asdunek, project facilitators, follow up after the training of these young women and will find employment for them in their field and in some cases help them start their own business.


Your Part: $49 a month for one year provides vocational training for an at-risk girl who would otherwise be pressured to enter the sex-trade.

Our Part: We provide guidance to and accountability on behalf of the Mulu Wongel Church to ensure high-quality implementation of the project.

Mulu Wongel Church: They select the girls to enter the program, facilitate the training and mentoring and ensure their general well-being during the program. Upon completion of the training they also assist the girls in finding secure employment.

Together with your support of only
$49/month for one year,
we can change a life.

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    Thanks for all you do for New Livelihood.

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