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Watoto Wetu Scholarship

Fadhili is a Swahili word that means compassion or mercy. Fadhili began in May, 2001, as a home based care program which sought to empower pastors and opinion leaders by training them to take care of persons affected by HIV. During this time, mortality rates were high due to lack of awareness and shortage of Anti-retroviral Therapy. The program lost some parents due to AIDS and so the children were left with no one to take care of them in terms of school fees and primary needs. Due this pandemic, the Watoto Wetu program was born to support these children’s needs and others from very poor backgrounds. However, we are limited to paying school fees for these children due to lack of funds. This program is highly dependent on well-wishers. Our long term goal is to have an income generating project that would ensure the children’s education needs are taken care of and many more future generations would benefit from the same. Until that happens, we remain always grateful to God for providing people with a big heart and who have come alongside us to help send vulnerable children to school.

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