Health Access Projects

  1. Love Uganda

    Donated: $10,061.89 Goal: $231,225.00

    Background There is a growing need to house, care for and educate the growing number of Ugandan orphaned children. Numbers…

  2. GETS

    Donated: $75.00 Goal: $17,500.00

    Teaching new skills and empowering young women at the same time – what could be better? This program makes possible two…

  3. Busajo

    Donated: $0.00 Goal: $11,000.00

    In Amharic, Busajo means “the one who sees ahead.” Busajo is a unique program that serves children living on the…

  4. Group Home

    Donated: $90.00 Goal: $8,500.00

    The Group Home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is a safe place where three young men and a “house mom” are…

  5. WRAPs

    Donated: $20.62 Goal: $5,600.00

    So many girls in Ethiopia have to miss school when they have their periods because disposable feminine hygiene products are…

  6. Prolapse Surgeries

    Donated: $1,350.00 Goal: $56,000.00

    The condition can be treated, even years later, to bring these women a new lease on life. Dr. Mark Karnes…

  7. Bethel House India 2020

    Donated: $27,235.00 Goal: $91,175.00

    The Background Bethel House India was a project started in 2008 to address the needs of destitute pregnant women in…

  8. Kwagala Uganda- 2020

    Donated: $1,680.00 Goal: $11,000.00

    “The Kwagala initiative has been established to support the The Good Shepherd Orphan School Foundation in Mubende, Uganda, Africa. This…

  9. Adore Little Children Botswana

    Donated: $5,225.00 Goal: $9,200.00

    We are a mission outreach to the isolated and impoverished people of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Africa.  In the…

  10. Greenfield Kids Foundation

    Donated: $333.00 Goal: $3,500.00

    ABOUT US The Greenfield Kids Foundation was registered in September 2009; we are non-profit organization, dedicated to providing support to…